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Ana Worrel

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I'm an collaborative and organized senior podcast producer, writer, and editor with an ear for stranger than fiction stories.
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  • Austin, TX




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About Ana

Hi! I'm Ana, a documentary podcast producer and writer with an ear for true crime and stranger than fiction projects. I'm currently writing, producing, and co-creating a six-part true-con series I pitched to Texas Monthly called "The Problem with Erik."  Past podcasts include Cadence13's Edward R. Murrow-Award winning documentary podcast 'Gone South', 'About a Boy: The Story of Vladimir Putin' hosted by Julia Ioffe, and Audacy's 'Glitter and Might.' My television production credits include season two of Emmy award-winning 'Euphoria' and Amazon Prime's 'Outer Range.' 

I have a background in screenwriting and geek out on the architecture of story. I'm extremely organized, and my biggest superpower is that I can restructure any draft to flow more intuitively and sound more interesting. 



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