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Alaa Mostafa

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Member since 2022


  • Oakland, CA



English, Arabic

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About Alaa

Hello! I'm an audio producer and journalist based in Oakland, CA.

I am currently accepting freelance assignments on health and other topics. Most recently, I completed a fellowship with the national radio show This American Life, where I trained alongside its award-winning producers. Before that, I managed production and produced long-form investigative stories for Reveal with The Center for Investigative Reporting. I also got my Masters degree in journalism with a focus on audio and data from UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. My work has additionally appeared on NPR, KQED Public Radio, KALW, Alaska Public Media and in The New York Times.

Today, I'm most interested in continuing to grow as a producer of long-form narrative audio stories -- whether those are self-reported or in collaboration with other reporters and newsrooms. I'm most inspired by audio makers that effectively capture in-between spaces, especially through arts and culture stories, or stories about love/relationships/intimacy. In my individual reporting, I'm currently most excited to report on mental health, housing, and/or aging. You can read/listen to some of my work here. And you can learn more about my professional interests on the POC in Audio directory. 

When I’m not working or listening to something, you may find me writing very short fiction, riding my bike, watching both great and terrible TV, or tearing up over a poem by Safia Elhillo. 

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