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Ajani Murray

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  • Atlanta, GA


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About Ajani

My name is Ajani "AJ" Murray, I am a disabled Podcaster, actor, and writer/storyteller who is passionate about giving every voice a platform. Especially, particularly, those who don't ever get the opportunity to take on the microphone. I'm a fierce advocate and agent for change, equality, and inclusion/integration for all. The kind of projects that I'm wanting to create are projects with the ability to share experiences. I want to illuminate humanity. I want to be able to be transparent because I believe there is power in transparency. I've found that storytelling has been the best tool of all the mediums. I want to also say I feel you are able to connect feelings with information and truth. With that, I feel you can be more influential for change, even more so than Politicians or Policy Makers.

I would like to collaborate with writing, storytelling, consulting work, and podcasting. Taking my previous experience and experiences, collaborating them with the experience and experiences of those within the AIR community.

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