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AJ Wortham

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Creative and systems thinker, AJ captures intergenerational oral histories for enterprises, families, and family businesses.
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  • New York, NY

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conducting interviews, creative work, and production of oral histories, life histories, and origin stories for individuals, institutions, families, and family businesses
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About AJ

AJ examines legacy, place, and intergenerational relationships across familial and organizational systems. Through storytelling, oral history, and creative, collaborative projects, AJ sought to bridge connections and continued internal engagement with organizations, families, and family businesses.

When it comes to complicated systems - eco, social, or transpo - she couples her intuition with strategic analyses to remove blocks and bridge gaps, allowing processes, people, and creativity to flow

Sourcing her knowledge from the land and her family, AJ knows how to get to the root of any problem

AJ holds an M.A. in Oral history from Columbia University and a B.S. in history, technology, and society, with a concentration in civil and environmental engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  

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  • Zoom H5 Recorder
  • Rhode Lav Mics
  • Sony 7aiv
  • Shotgun Mics