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Adam Gamwell

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I'm a cultural anthropologist and host and producer of This Anthro Life, a podcast about the little things we do as people that shape the course of humanity.
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  • Arlington, MA



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About Adam

Dr. Adam Gamwell is a Business and Design Anthropologist, ethnographic podcaster and educator. He co-founded Missing Link Studios, a collaborative social impact storytelling and design research studio melding design thinking, the social sciences, and mindfulness practices to help individuals, businesses, change makers and social impact organizations define and communicate their stories better. Some of his podcast projects include CultureMade: Heritage Enterprise in a World on the Move in partnership with the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and Faxina, a Portuguese language narrative podcast telling the stories of Brazilian migrant house cleaners working in the US, a 2019 and 2020 Google Podcasts creator program.   

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