Story of the Week: 107 years of Tucson at a dry cleaners’ shop

Story of the Week: Dímelo

“It’s like ‘The Godfather,’ the mafia. Just when I think I’m out, they bring me back in,” Eddie Escalante said.

In our Finding America story of the week, Dímelo: Stories of the Southwest lead producer Sophia Paliza-Carre introduces us to the people behind Garcia Cleaners, a Tucson, Arizona, business that has been around for 107 years. Listen here.

Dímelo means “tell me” in Spanish, and Escalante does: about what it means to be the fourth generation to take over the business, and how he didn’t always want to stay in dry cleaning.

The business has made it through the Great Depression, recessions, neighborhood changes, and even polyester. Listen to more from Escalante and his mother, Barbara Cariño, at

Plus, get a behind-the-scenes look at how Dímelo makes its mailboxes on Snapchat, by searching username: findingamerica from April 5 through April 12.

Dímelo: Stories of the Southwest explores identity, community and the cultural geography of Tucson by asking Tucsonans to share their stories through postcards, mailboxes, and Hearken. The project is based at Arizona Public Media. Follow them on Facebook and find more stories here.