Story of the Week: The realities of race in North Carolina


Debby Bussel, a blonde, white woman, examines a recorder as Roberto Nava points to various features at Storymakers training, March 2016. Video still by Ian McClerin.
Debby Bussel and Roberto Nava examine an audio recorder at Storymakers training, March 2016 | Video still by Ian McClerin

The realities of race, class and immigration hit home for storytellers participating in the Storymakers: Durham project in our Finding America story of the week.

Storymakers worked with 15 locals, taught them how to create audio stories, and is airing the results on WUNC and on the podcast Scene on Radio.

Jamila Davenport explores gentrification, Roberto Nava illuminates life as an immigrant and a mechanic, and Debby Bussel describes the day she realized the privilege she has as a 54-year-old white woman.

Storymakers and WUNC work with 15 storymakers—people who live in one of the South’s most diverse and fast-growing cities — to explore divisions of race, class, and opportunity through a new public media platform created in partnership with SpiritHouse Inc., and Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies. The project is led by independent producer John Biewen.

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