Story of the Week: When a Car Ride Led to Friendship

When a car ride led to friendshipPaige Chargois and Sharon Gaunt met one day when Sharon needed a ride. Soon, they became close friends and came together over their differences.

Chargois’ ancestors were enslaved in Virginia, and were part of the Nat Turner rebellion. Gaunt’s ancestors on the other hand, owned slaves in Virginia.

When Gaunt dies, she told Chargois, she wants to be buried in the space between where her slave-owning ancestors were buried, and where their slaves were buried. Chargois’ response was immediate:

“I wanted to just throw on brakes in that car—I’m driving down the street—and just jump out and run around and pull her out of there and just give her the biggest hug that I could give her, because she was doing in death what so many folk could never have achieved in life, and I captured that in her words, and it just meant so much to me,” Chargois said.

• We met Chargois and Gaunt through UnMonumental’s lead producer, Kelley Libby. UnMonumental is a weekly series about how people remember their past in Richmond. Listen to more on the Finding America documentary site.