Sounds Elemental: Stirring the Sound of Your Imagination

Earth. Water. Air. Fire. These are the elements of nature.

What are the elements of audio? What elements do you like to work with? To play with?

AIR is looking for 10 producers who want to dig deeper into the craft of sound and story at Sounds Elemental, two week-long intensives for mid to advanced level audio producers.

Each workshop centers on an elemental theme: Earth lands between June 21 – 25, 2010. Sky will fall between November 15-19, 2010. 

“Sounds Elemental has stayed with me, making me a more creative producer,” says AIR’s Membership Director Erin Mishkin. “I think the most important thing that I gained from attending Fire was being able to tap into my creative side. I had never produced a sound art piece – only documentaries – so, for me, I was finally able to get over that mental block that had really prevented me from ‘playing’ with audio.”

These workshops are offered in conjunction with Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center in New York City. Teachers include award-winning audio innovators, musicians and sound artists Michael Schumacher, Hans Tammen and Brenda Hutchinson.

And here’s another reason to “slide over” to Sounds Elemental: Amy O’Leary, new media editor at the New York Times will drop by for an afternoon mini-dive into audio slideshow production. She’ll lead participants through the basic tools and techniques of this increasingly popular media platform. This is an excellent opportunity to gain important new media skills from someone responsible for some of the best multimedia work being done today.

Besides the inspiring workshop leaders, participants say they learn a lot from each other and are energized by working with peers.

Claire Holman, of Blunt Youth Radio Project,says she “loved meeting people from different sound backgrounds who were at different points in their career. It was inspiring to see the different paths and viewpoints and to be able to have constant dialogue and feedback brewing. There’s just a great energy about working with a passionate group of people. Harvestworks was really well organized and I think the biggest takeaway for me was to continue stretching myself outside of my comfort zone. We were required to tinker with sound in ways that were new to us and it was awesome hearing what people came up with and how the process was as important, if not more so, than the final product.”

Kelsey Dilts McGregor said, “The experience was enriching in a number of ways. In my daily life I don’t get the chance to experiment much in my work given the deadlines and pressures of working with changing groups of young people. But at Sounds Elemental, I got to really think about sound, listen to sound as sound, as an element with which to experiment and craft. The instructors were really interesting, playing challenging stuff for us. I loved working with the other producers, and although the days were a bit long at times, I wouldn’t take away a minute…Much recommended.”

Feel the glow emanating from Sounds Elemental: Fire by listening to this AIRBlast podcast from last year. 

So, are you ready to get down to Earth? Do you want to reach for the Sky?

The program accepts 10 students through a competitive application process. The tuition is $650. You don’t have to be an AIR member to apply, however AIR members living outside of NYC are eligible for a small stipend to assist with the cost of travel. The deadline to submit your application for the June session, Sounds Elemental: Earth is Monday, May 3. Learn more and apply right here. Questions? Contact Erin AT airmedia DOT org.