Something I’ve heard

In the spirit of MQ2ness, I want to raise my hand about something I’ve noticed over the last year or so that seems to be movement afoot of makers who are bringing music to storytelling in new ways. I’m loving these new approaches. The latest is Charles Spearin’s “Happiness Project,” which is a collection of some of his Toronto neighbors who frequent his front porch in the summertime. He says, “I wanted to see if I could blur the line between speaking and singing and write music based on these accidental melodies.” The cut “Mrs. Morris” is especially beautiful. Simple. Watch, if you prefer.

Others in this vein include MQ2 nominee Phillip Bimstein (esp his homage to baseball, “Bushy Wushy Rag“) and the Matthew Herbert Big Band, whose new CD “There’s Me and There’s You” includes “the sounds contributed by Palestinians of their favorite or their most hated sound…” In his online writings, Herbert says:

my work is no longer about ‘finding’ sound. it is about recording
specific sound. i have stopped being interested in the sound of any
door closing, but am now interested in listening to the door of number
10 downing street closing. i am no longer interested in recording the
sound of someone eating an apple, i want to hear the sound of hillary
benn mp eating a british organic michalemas red apple, in season,
standing in the office of the head fruit buyer for tescos.


Good, all, for the ears.