Sneak Peek: In Verse (working title)

poetry boutiqueComing soon, details on all the MQ2 projects! But here now is a sneak peek at one of them.

Lu Olkowski‘s project will partner radio producers with poets and photographers to report news, and she’s been networking it on Twitter and Facebook, where she put a call out for titles for her project. She received nearly 150 suggestions.

Her call said “We need a title that references the whole poet/reporter/photographer collaboration, not specific story ideas or locations. It’s important to stay away from ideas of the working poor because we plan to continue the project in 2010 with other issues. I’m hoping for something simple. For example, Joe Richman has Radio Diaries and Dave Isay has Sound Portraits and Story Corps. I like those because they’re descriptive, not goofy, and leave room for lots of different kinds of story topics under their umbrella.”

Here’s a little sample of the suggestions, but Lu still hasn’t decided, so weigh in if you please!

View in Verse * Poet on the Road * Dithyrambs * Chapter and Verse Reporting * Newstanza * Beat Report * The Poetic Lens * Poetic Economy * The Poet’s Notebook * The Poetry Times * The Poet’s Press * Starry Witness * Poetigraphic * Poetography * Re:verse * This Is My Letter to the World (Dickinson)