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When we — AIR, Localore, grant funding organizations, the public media community in general — encourage innovation in public media, are we including all Americans in these innovations? And what does it mean to innovate with inclusiveness in mind, as a specific goal? Those are the questions of the night for March’s monthly #pubmedia Twitter chat. AIR staffers were invited to guest host. 

The question about inclusion and innovation is a big one, but not one that we can ignore. As AIR’s Executive Director Sue Schardt said in a Current article in September, “Inclusion is our new frontier; this is where the need is.”

To get at a few of the questions and answers about inclusion and innovation, we’ve compiled this reading list. What else would you add? Email suggestions to or share them with the #pubmedia hashtag on Twitter.

• How will we use our inventions? |  Sue Schardt at PMDMC in 2014

Schardt asks how we will use our inventions “to realize the founding vision of a public broadcasting service for all the people” and offers some ideas.

• Increasing creativity and innovation in public media | Charla Bear

What will it take to spread new techniques, innovation and ideas through public media? John S. Knight Journalism Fellow Charla Bear is tackling that question here.

• Public TV and Independent, Point of View Documentary | Center for Media and Social Impact

Highlights from the CMSI’s summit about the representation of independent and underrepresented voices and issues on public broadcasting.

• The Online Journalism “Revolution” Will Produce More Powerful White Men | Amanda Hess for Slate

“Journalism and technology won’t just magically diversify when they shift over to a new platform,” Hess writes.

• What We’re Doing To Keep Building A Diverse Editorial Operation | Ben Smith for Buzzfeed

Four reasons a diverse editorial team leads to better work and bigger audiences from BuzzFeed’s editor-in-chief Ben Smith, and how BuzzFeed is making that happen.

• Counter Stories: How are we doing? | MPR’s Counter Stories

The weekly discussion of how people of color view life in Minnesota that launched in August takes a step back to see if their podcast is making a difference in the larger conversation around them.

“Doing a podcast about people of color within a largely white media organization carries a burden members of the majority culture might not recognize,” host David Cazares says in the episode.

• Diversity, Community and Sustainability in 2015 | Josh Stearns for The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation.

“Diversity isn’t something separate from the work of doing great journalism, it is fundamental to it.”

• From the Archive: Let’s Change Up PubMedia | Stepahnie Foo for AIR

Five critical steps to diversifying public radio (and reaching new audiences) from This American Life’s Stephanie Foo.

• Infographic: Public Libraries Help Build Digitally Inclusive Communities  | American Library Association

How libraries define digital inclusion in their communities and how they measure it with the Digital Inclusion Survey .

• Pubmedia Reading List: Diversity (Part 1) | Betsy O’Donovan for AIR

A reading list that covers everything from Bill Siemering to President Lyndon Johnson. Don’t miss the “Rethinking Public Media: More Local, More Inclusive, More Interactive” report by Barbara Cochran.

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• Teresa Gorman is an AIR staffer and the curating producer for Localore: Finding America. She’s on Twitter at @gteresa and she thinks you should be paying attention to the ALA’s Digital Inclusion webinar.