Reading List: Innovate + Disrupt

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The last time #PubMedia gathered around Twitter’s metaphorical campfire for an old fashioned tweet-up, it was to talk about music stations in 2011.

On Wednesday, Andi McDaniel, a Localorian and the leader of Twin Cities Public Television’s Rewire innovation unit, revived the hashtag to talk about disruption and innovation in public media.  (You can find the archived conversation in Will Coley’s Storify of the event, and keep an eye out for future chats.)

Andi asked what’s improved since 2011, and what challenges remain. There were tons of smart answers. One concern, as Jack Brighton, the director of new media and innovation at WILL Public Media, noted, is that “digital skills are certainly growing but are unevenly distributed.”

Jack (and everyone), here’s a reading list — a set of shared information about disruption, innovation, and lessons learned from experiments in public media. What would you add?

• What’s Outside | A report from AIR’s Localore project for The Corporation for Public Broadcasting

It’s hard to disrupt from a soundproof studio. Lessons about what stations and independent producers need in order to build innovation units in public media.

• The leaked New York Times innovation report is one of the key documents of this media age | Joshua Benton for Nieman Lab

“I’d rather have a Snow Fall builder than a Snow Fall” and other lessons from the NYT.

• What we learned | Arabella Advisors for the Knight Foundation

Eight takeaways from a diverse set of media innovators courtesy of the Knight News Challenge.

 • Be the Disruptor | Clay Christensen and David Skok for Nieman Reports

“How can traditional news organizations sustain themselves financially while remaining relevant to their audiences?”

 • The Disruption Machine | Jill Lepore for the New Yorker

Beware the widely-preached gospel of innovation.

• Disruption is a dumb buzzword. It’s also an important concept | Timothy B. Lee for Vox

Jargon-y, yes, but we can’t dismiss Clay Christensen entirely.

• Risk and reward: Joi Ito on what news orgs could learn from tech companies about innovation | Justin Ellis for NeimanLab

“When you’re sinking, you have two ways to go: You can bet the house on something, go all in, or you can try to become smaller and smaller until you disappear.”

• What does it mean to be a member of a public media station? And what could it mean? | Melody Kramer via Medium

“What if the word ‘membership’ meant you ‘belonged to a community’?”

• What are the top challenges facing digital audio in 2015? (Part one) (Part two) | PopUpArchive via Medium

Pubradio folk think about measuring impact, membership models and reaching new audiences.

Like, Link, Share: How cultural institutions are embracing digital technology | Sarah Lutman for The Wyncote Foundation

“Build capabilities, not projects” and other things legacy institutions need to learn.

•  Predictions for Journalism 2015: A Nieman Lab Series | Nieman Lab

The year of “yes” and other ideas.

• Spreading the Zing | A report from Makers Quest 2.0 for the Corproration for Public Broadcasting

The fourth and most mysterious element of any project: zing. Do you have it?  Lessons from MQ2.

• Chasing Innovation: Where we look | Betsy O’Donovan for

Fifty-four places to check when you’re hunting for inspiration

• Emily Boghossian is AIR’s editorial operations associate. She’s a recent graduate of Carleton College, an avid reader, and a Lou Reed fan.

Photo courtesy of Erin M. through a Creative Commons license.