Raise Up (2015)

AIR produced sound and video documentaries in partnership with Youth Speaks’ RaiseUpan initiative of CPB’s American Graduate.
RaiseUp is a hip-hop and spoken word competition from Oakland, CA based YouthSpeaks designed to foster discussion among young people and adults about the challenges and opportunities students face as they strive to stay on the path to graduation. They brought AIR on as a production partner to create multimedia for national distribution.
The Drop In

This short documentary chronicles the journey of Walter Finnie, Jr. from a childhood bruised by poverty and addiction, through a successful high school career in high school, and finally onto a scholarship at the revered Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, the alma mater of Walter’s idol, Langston Hughes.  Produced by Aiden Un, with Yowei Shaw and Noland Walker.
When Students of Color Have White Teachers

Originally broadcast on NPR’s “Latino USA” on Dec. 5, 2014 (5:17)

Close to half the kids in America’s public schools are students of color. But the overwhelming majority of teachers are white. In Philadelphia, educators at John P. Stetson Charter School are trying to take culturally relevant approach to their classrooms. AIR Producer Yowei Shaw went to Stetson to find out what kind of impact this approach is having on students of color. Produced by Yowei Shaw.


From Feeling Lost to Army Strong

Originally broadcast on NPR’s “All Things Considered” on Dec. 1, 2014 (5:20)

For young people who don’t succeed in high school, joining the military can seem like a good option, particularly when there are few other job prospects. But Dejanique “Daisy” Armstrong, a young, gay poet from Stockton, California, never planned to enlist in the Army. She made that choice as a last resort. Produced by Yowei Shaw.