Public Media Scan: Vox Pop + Vonnegut

Two Trains – Sonification of Income Inequality on the NYC Subway from brian foo on Vimeo.


This week was all about unexpected structures, how data points turn into something else. About how an algorithm and a few data sets can turn into an audio representation of income inequality. How stories can be rendered on an X and Y axis. How the familiar man on the street (aka vox pop) can turn into art as women talk about street harasment, and talk back.

Take a look:

The Data is the Turntable. DJ Brian Foo’s built a song that tracks income inequality along the subway ride from Brooklyn to Manhattan to the Bronx. Four minutes and 45 fascinating seconds.

Vox Pop That Crackles. Fusion gets immersive with woman-on-the-street interviews about harassment in Mexico City. Oh, snap.
Warning: Graphic Content. Artist Maya Elim renders Kurt Vonnegut’s “shapes of stories” theory in a gorgeous poster. Background here.


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