Public Media Scan: Uncool Cats

A few weeks ago, the Scan pointed toward “Harvest of Change,” an interactive sort-of game/sort-of documentary produced by The Des Moines Register. You can play it on desktop, but the blow-your-mind experience comes with an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

This week, things went the opposite direction, looking at the possibility of a similar style of choose-your-own-adventure, first-person documentary using the ultrasimple Twine game development program. (So user-friendly that even your humble correspondent had no trouble trying it out.)

The two experiences are radically different in aesthetic (and technical requirements), but each accomplishes immersive storytelling in a way that very few other “interactive” projects seem to do. Worth a little exploration.


Violent, sad, and full of potential. Twine games are the emo poetry of the gamer world, but their simplicity — decision tree + text + hyperlinks — has promise for first-person, interactive storytelling. 

The Kittens of Guinea-Bissau. “I Know Where Your Cat Lives” deploys cat photos to show how social media data is gathered and used. A fluffy warning.

Art Seen (But Unnoticed?) Philadelphia’s Museum Without Walls turns the city into an art gallery. (Recommended: “The Charioteer of Delphi” and“Clothespin.”)


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