Public Media Scan: Oh, How We Share

When we think about sharing, we think about space. (That is sort of a joke, about which more in a moment.)

This week’s Scan is about sharing stories within constraints  — whether those limits are set by the attention-shredding cacophony of the Internet, or by what will fit onto a golden LP that blasts off into the universe. 

As you surely know by now, the Public Media Scan has its own restrictions: three items only, every Thursday, at the intersection of journalism, inspiration and media craft. Here they are:

• Audio, Fun-sized. Producer Lauren Ober and WAMU experiment with “social sound” for NPR. Shareable listens under two minutes: Try “What Do Brain Waves Sound Like?” and the 99-second guide to navigating D.C.

• Roll Credits. Now What? “Frontline” reads the YouTube comments about its long docs and turns out quick, socially shareable Q&As. Smart audience service that extends the life of a project.

• Infinite Voyager Lily Bui’s HTML5 site with the audio of Voyager 1’s Golden Record calls back to the last age of exploration. The latest of Bui’s arguments that public science is beautiful.

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