Public Media Scan: Mostly Safe for Work

Welcome to AIR’s Public Media Scan.

Each week, we find and share three items at the intersection of technology, journalism, and blended media craft. Our goal is to inspire creativity, encourage diversity, and provoke questions about what is possible in our field. 

This week’s links (enjoy):


Can You Hear Environmental Damage? In the footsteps of Maryanne Amacher, “soundscape ecologist” Bryan Pijanowski is recording a year of noises from Chicago to the Chiricahuas. Fast, fascinating read from The Verge.

‘Don’t Get Me Wrong: Visuals Are Important for Erotica.’ This 3:48 mockumentary about a foley artist for adult films has G-rated visuals but is aurally not safe for work (which is the point). Headphones recommended.

A Mic Drop in the Ocean. The “sound channel” is a quirk of oceanic physics, where pings can travel a thousand miles. AIR producer David Schulman explores for PRX’s STEM Story Project.


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