Public Media Scan: Intriguing Audio x3

Each week, we find and share three items at the intersection of technology, journalism, and blended media craft. Our goal is to inspire creativity, encourage diversity, and provoke questions about what is possible in our field. 

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This week’s links:


Magpie Music. Israeli musician Kutiman uncovered obscure, odd clips on YouTube and stitched together something new: the bluesy, sexy “Give It Up.” What could an ear like that do with public radio archives?

Reporting from “Nightvale.” Eric Molinsky’s “Imaginary Worlds” teases the lines between nonfiction podcasts and fantasy. Episode one: Origin stories. Coming up: Interview with the vampires.

FoodBeast’s Guide to Wine Names, Esquire’s scotch pronunciation guide with Brian Cox. Shareable audio starts with the question “What’s thatsound like?”