Public Media Scan: Fun (but important)

The Public Media Scan is a weekly (Thursdays!) dose of tech, journalism, amazing media craftsmanship and, with any luck, it’s also a starting gun that will set your mind racing over the possibilities of our field.

This week, a few projects came forward for their blend of serious purpose and beguiling presentation. It’s a hard balance to strike — as we are reminded in the third item in the Scan this week, Edward R. Murrow’s “lights and wires” speech to the RTNDA:

Less-Than-Fantastic Creatures. Design Observer’s “Spawn of Gerrymander” project imagines congressional districts as fabulous beasts. An artful signpost to a serious concern. Background here.

The Void Begins to Look Back.  Moiz Syed’s “How Wrong You Are” is the least trivial trivia game. Fun, sure, but the responses gather data on what the public does (or doesn’t) understand.

‘Otherwise, It’s Nothing But Wires and Lights.’  Fifty-six years ago this week, Edward R. Murrow asked his fellow broadcasters to shoulder the responsibilities of a mature media. The half-hour speech still rings out.

As always, if you know (or if you have made) a beautiful, innovative or intriguing piece of work that deserves a wider audience, send it my way, please:

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