Public Media Scan: Found Sounds

Silhouette of the Stereo satellites from


The Public Media Scan projects this week came together around the idea of finding sounds — both new and lost.

Imagine the distance between the satellites featured in and the buzz of the word “chester drawers” over vocal cords in Abilene. There is interesting noise, interesting audio, everywhere. And then there are the sounds we’ve heard and lost — in this case, the curious case of those “Argh, I heard a great podcast about …” problem. Pop Up Archive launched — adding a text search function to Pop Up’s audio-to-text transcription software.

Take a look:

• Ground Control to Major Timesink. charmingly tracks interstellar envoys and what they find. Listen to a Saturn moon.

• “That Story About …” from Pop Up Archive lets you hunt for keywords in SoundCloud’s podcast transcripts and tags. Turns out podcasters like to discuss sex“Game of Thrones,” and Brooklyn.  

• Texas, You’re Saying it Wrong. W.F. Strong’s explainer for KUT’s Texas Standard shows once again that pronunciation and accent stories are fun radio.


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