Public Media Scan: Do a lot with a little

Welcome to AIR’s Public Media Scan.

Each week, we find and share three items at the intersection of technology, journalism, and blended media craft. Our goal is to inspire creativity, encourage diversity, and provoke questions about what is possible in our field. 

This week’s links (enjoy):


Islam for Reporters. Resources for covering American Muslim communities: comics, a dictionary, and data sets from Nausheen Husein at the U.C. Berkeley Journalism school.

Experiments with Outreach. Check out Peter Timko’s teaching tools (here and here) for audio workshops at the D.C. Public Library, listen to “I Sang in the Choir with Marvin Gaye,” consider where stories live in your city. 

Democratizing Data. Ryan Thornburg shows how a one-man newsroom can replicate a New York Times-scale project about police and race.


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