Public Media Scan: All Interactive


This week’s Public Media Scan was all about interactive projects so well-crafted that they could become the scaffolding for other ideas. Here are three interactive sites that set me dreaming: 

‘A City Now Largely Lost.’ The NYPL Labs’ “Building Inspector” asks citizen cartographers to unearth old New York from their desks. Diverting, simple, useful.

Your Body Is The Turntable. A remixable walking tour of the oldest city in the Netherlands, composed with the HearUsHere audio/GPS platform. Watch; imagine the BBC Archives laid over London’s streets.

Who Survives, And How? Helios Design Labs’ “Disaster Resilience Journal” pulls in a magpie’s collection of media — quizzes, games, interviews, audio, video — to create a tightly designed interactive doc.

As always, if you know (or if you have made) a beautiful, innovative or intriguing piece of work that deserves a wider audience, send it my way, please:

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