Public Media Scan: Accents, Experiments

Each week in the Scan, three items at the intersection of technology, journalism, and blended media craft. The goal is to inspire creativity, encourage diversity, and provoke questions about what is possible in our field. 

This week’s offerings includes some of my favorite things, including Connie Britton and a treat from NPR’s “Code Switch.” Take a look:

C’mon, Y’all. Nashville Public Radio does a 2:39 story that can only be rendered in audio, looking at the worst (Nicolas Cage) and best (Connie Britton) of Hollywood’s Southern accents and how they’re taught. 

Why We Are Making Music In The First Place. The New Radiophonics Workshop takes up the legacy of the BBC sound effects studio with electronic music from Scottish sonic artist Lauren Sarah Hayes. Long but lovely.

Twitter: A Stumbling Serendipity. Gene Demby of NPR’s “Code Switch” offers a quick take on his experiments in social media engagement.



I’m at the 2014 ONA Conference this week, so expect lots of tools, reporting projects, and tech experiments in upcoming Scans. And if you know of (or made) a beautiful, innovative or intriguing piece of work that deserves a wider audience, send it my way:

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