AIR periodically offers live talks and online workshops exclusively to our members. This is an important service that AIR provides, designed to cultivate and strengthen the skill of our network. We maintain an archive of these sessions on Vimeo and Youtube which are available to anyone. See below for a listing and links to take you to the site.

Have an idea for a future discussion? Contact us at with your suggestion.

AIR presents: Utilizing the Code of Fair Practices
AIR’s Code of Fair Practices exists to define ethical standards and contract guidelines for our members. This year, we released a revised version of the code to reflect changes in the freelance audio landscape as podcasting has emerged and evolved as a vibrant medium for audio work. AIR’s Director of Freelance Futures, Amanda Hickman, walks through how you can best utilize the Code of fair Practices as you negotiate contracts, projects, and assignments.
September 2019

AIR presents: Pitching Tips From Industry Experts
We hope that this webinar will help you on your way to a winning pitch. Independent producer Angilee Shah and Marketplace editor Eve Epstein were live with our audience, giving advice and tips on the freelance pitching game. The webinar was organized by AIR’s Story Talent Curator Jeanette Woods and hosted by our very own Project Editor Annie Russell.
August 2019

AIR presents: In Conversation with Elaine McMillion Sheldon
Elaine McMillion Sheldon (AIR NV ‘15), independent documentary filmmaker, visual journalist and media artist
February 2018

AIR presents: NPR One: Indie Podcasts, Big Impact
Emily Barocas, Podcast Lead for NPR One
January 2018

AIR presents: The Art of the Podcast Deal
Laura Mayer, Midroll Media
November 2017

Edison Research presents: Switch On, Tune In: Public Media’s New Local Frontier 
Tom Webster (Edison), Sue Schardt (AIR), Michelle Maternowski & Rachel Hubbard (Localore: Finding America)
October 2017

AIR presents: Risk-Taking in your Career
Keisha “TK” Dutes (Bondfire Radio) and Willow Belden (Out There)
August 2017

AIR presents: The Digital Life of Radio Docs
Jennifer Warren, acting Senior Producer, CBC’s The Doc Project
June 2017

AIR presents: How to Do Your Taxes as an Independent Producer
Kelly Sax, CPA
April 2017

AIR presents: Managing the Art of the Conference
Emily Kwong, KCAW and New Voices ’14
November 2016

AIR presents: The Fine Art of Measuring Podcasts
Stephen Haptonsthal (NPR) talks podcast metrics.
August 2016

AIR presents: An Introduction to Beacon
Keren Goldschlager (Beacon), Samantha Harrington (Driven) and Hannah Doksansky (Driven)
December 2015

AIR presents: A Podcasting Primer for Freelancers
Curtis Fox and Audrey Quinn
Storify recap
July 2015

AIR, KUT and PRNDI present: Take Your Newsroom Outside with the Next Localore
Sue Schardt, Adriana Gallardo and Emily Donahue
May 2015

AIR and Curious City present: What’s Next for Localore?
Jennifer Brandel, Adriana Gallardo and Teresa Gorman
May 2015

What’s Your New (Audience) Strategy? Tips from AIR’s Localore and Twin City Public Television’s Rewire
Sue Schardt, Adriana Gallardo, Andi McDaniel and Teresa Gorman
April 2015

AIR Presents: The Business of Podcasting
Kerri Hoffman
Storify recap
October 2014

AIR and PRX present: Getting on the Level with Levels
Adam Ragusea, Rob Byers
Storify recap
August 2014

A Media Maker’s Guide to Kickstarter
Stephanie Pereira, Lea Thau
Storify recap
July 2014

Getting to Yes: The Art of the Pitch
Ann Heppermann, John Haas, Yowei Shaw
March 2014

Copyright, Licensing, Negotiation: A Legal Webinar for Producers
Spencer Weisbroth
May 2013

Meet Pop Up Archive
Anne Wootton and Bailey Smith
April 2013

Hindenburg Unpacked – Work Flow
Jeff Towne and Nick Dunkerley
January 2013

Hindenburg Unpacked, Advanced
Jeff Towne and Nick Dunkerley
September 2012

Unpacking SoundCloud
Evan Tenenbaum
January 2012