Place + Memory


Place + Memory

Another look at an MQ2 project, and more mapping. While Kara Oehler is mapping the present, Shea Shackelford is mapping the past. His project is Place + Memory, a multivoice-storytelling multimedia-map of places that no longer exist, except in our memories.

Shea and his co-producer Jennifer Deer have already hit the road to create their first profile of a remembered place, this one in Alabama, and lucky for you, they’ve been documenting their work on the Place + Memory blog. It’s not easy to talk about working on a story while trying to work on a story, says Shea, but it’s worth it.

On the blog you can hear an interviewee talk about what it was like to take city friends to a country restaurant that today lives only in the minds of the people who loved it: “It’s fun to be a link,” he says. The Place + Memory project is a kind of link too, between the here and now and the there and then, between people and the places that made them.

The official project website will roll out by June 1, and you’ll hear the first of their radio pieces on NPR a couple of weeks after that. Hold on to your hats, things are really moving now.