New Member Corner: Goofs and fears of the trade

This week, to introduce a few new faces to the AIR crew, we’ve asked them to share some embarrassing moments and long-held fears from their time in audio. Read on, then reach out! Share some of your own goofs using #AIRsters.

Nicole Bennett-Fite: “When I was just starting out, I once realized that my recorder wasn’t recording halfway through an hour long interview. That will definitely never happen again!”


Evan T. Carrol: “My greatest fear and regret in audio-making is forgetting to press the record button. It’s a sickening feeling to look down at the recorder after hearing something wonderful, only to see that the recording is paused.”


Eduard Saakashvili: “On my first day as an intern at WHYY, I reported a short story about a baby with brain cancer. Except it turned out the baby did not have brain cancer, as we found out when his grandmother called the studio and complained.”


Carla Schaffer: “Coming back from the Transom Traveling Workshop in Big Sky, Montana, I got stopped by TSA at security. They thought my Zoom recorder was a weapon. It took a minute, but I managed to convince them that it was not!”


Katherine Sprenger: “Very early in my radio career I had to drive a high-profile conservative political figure from Malibu to Burbank then back during rush hour traffic for a live interview. Making small talk on the way there was one thing, but even worse was driving him back after a VERY contentious hour-long interview.”

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