MQ2-in-a-Box: Webinar Wednesday!


You are Invited: 2-10-2010, at 2 pm. The National Center for Media Engagement is hosting a Webinar featuring the “Innovative Media Models of MQ2.” 

Join us, as AIR Executive Director Sue Schardt tells the back-story of this CPB-funded bold experiment in cross-platform public media.

Listen and learn, as KUOW’s Jenny Asarnow takes us to The Corner of 23rd & Union for a show-and-tell of her public art and storytelling project on gentrification in Seattle.

Tune in to hear Kara Oehler narrate a lively tour of the nation’s Main streets, and discuss her ambitious collaborative documentary project Mapping Main Street.

Find out what makes these producer-led MQ2 projects succesful and about the challenges and lessons learned along the way. 

Reserve your spot and register for the free Webinar here and now!