Missed Edison’s webinar on local public media?

Edison Research’s Tom Webster gathered collaborators from Localore: Finding America for a webinar on October 26th to present benchmark findings for public media producers and stations experimenting with local engagement. The data will guide journalists, indie producers, and stations looking to build new models for original reporting. Did you miss the event? The session is now available online for those who couldn’t catch it.

Edison’s findings are based on polling data from live events produced by public media teams in the “far corners” of local communities involved in the Localore: Finding America production.

The study focuses on the significance of live events, identifies a cohort of ready local collaborators, and touches on respondents’ appetite for types of local coverage. Here are a few of the takeaways about those living in the neighborhoods Edison studied:

  • The majority were women (64%) aged 25-34 (35%) living within a 5 mile radius of the event
  • 45% have annual household incomes of less than $50K
  • As a group, they are more ethnically diverse than the overall market (36% vs. 20%)
  • They are significantly more optimistic about the future of their community as compared to the overall market (49% vs. 34% are “very hopeful”)
  • They have a desire for more local stories and “positive” news, less “crime/violence”
  • There is a low level of association between “public broadcasting” and NPR (8%) or PBS (4%)

Download the slideshow and more here:

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