Meet this member! | Sayre Quevedo

February 25, 2019—To celebrate AIR’s 30th birthday, we put out a call for nominations to bring in new and old AIRsters who would benefit from a membership but may not be able to afford one. Needless to say, we’re so grateful for the warm response and are pleased to introduce you to the 30 members through a series of lightning-short profiles. Read on to meet Sayre Quevedo in this installment—and make sure to check out past spotlights!

1) Where are you based and what do you do?
I’m based in Harlem, New York. I work as a producer for NPR’s Latino USA and as a documentary artist in my own time.

2) A piece of yours (in any medium!) that you would like to share?”
This one is near and dear to my heart: “The Quevedos”

3) What draws you to storytelling?
I’m drawn to storytelling because it’s a living medium. You get to go out and experience the world, speak to people, ask questions, and interpret what you live and see and feel. It’s your job to take in what life has offered you and share it with others and that’s what makes this work so unique and rewarding.

4) What’s playing on your radio/audio streaming service right now?
Love Me and Awful Grace, or The Tolling of the Void Bell.

5) Hard-at-work-on-a-project snack of choice?