Maxie Jackson, MQ2 Talent Committee Member, to Lead NFCB

This just in: Maxie Jackson has been named the new President and C.E.O of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters. Maxie served on the Makers Quest Talent Committee, the group of industry folks who helped shape MQ2 and select grantees. In his current position as Senior Director of Program Development at WNYC, he was instrumental in the launch of The Takeaway.

This move to NFCB takes Maxie back to his roots in community radio. He worked at WEAA-FM in Baltimore and WETA-FM in Washington DC (where he hired me to produce a news/talk show). He served on the board of the African American Public Radio Consortium. During his public radio career, Maxie has earned a reputation for an unwavering commitment to innovation and to reaching audiences of color. 

“What makes this opportunity so exciting for me is my intimate belief in the values of community engagement, authentic multiculturalism and public service,” said Maxie, as quoted in the NFCB press release announcing his appointment. 

Maxie is stepping into the position soon to be vacated by Carol Pierson, who led NFCB for 13 years.