A look back at 2017

2017 was filled with insight and advice from producers all over AIR’s network. We took a look at articles and social posts that resonated most with folks—and the running themes are striking: Knowledge-sharing to better your craft and claiming agency in telling your stories. Woven through it all are threads of diversity and talent, and of producers pitching stories, navigating the intricacies of music in podcasts, or raising their voices to join the multimedia space. Join us to celebrate the conversations that surfaced in 2017 as critical to the development of our storymaking ecosystem.

Top AIRblog articles from 2017:

“It’s time for the ascending majority to take a stronger foothold in media. People of color have to move, en masse, from in front of the mic to behind the recorder and in front of the control boards,” — Juleyka Lantigua-Williams, “Podcasting called to me.”


“Put your headphones on, turn on your recorder, and start seeing what sounds you can make with what’s around you,” — Molly Segal, “Adventures in sound design.”



“Think of the aesthetic of the work you create or admire.  Look for music that either matches that aesthetic, or deliberately runs against it,” — Jeff Emtman, “How I Made It: Jeff Emtman’s music licensing secrets.”


Top social media posts from 2017: