Localore Opens a New Frontier

As we come to the end of this open phase of Localore and begin to look over the producer proposals that have come in over these last 8 weeks, it’s clear we’ve stirred something.  Radio and television stations — 60 of them in all — from rural outposts to major urban areas, have responded to our call to come forward in a new way.  As you watch their submissions on our Runway, I think you will find —as we have here at AIR— that they represent, collectively, a moving and extraordinary portrait of a broad and diverse industry eager to experiment with new approaches; prepared to be led into new territory by gifted producers. They are responding to our challenge to “go outside.”  

Working with our Selection Committee, we will ultimately pick just 10 projects to go forward, but I believe we have set something in motion beyond our work alone that will continue to influence and shift the existing paradigm of the industry. Television producers are reaching out to radio stations; radio producers to television, and the stations themselves are calling out to independent producers saying, “please, come here!”  A new frontier has opened.

Our ambition with Localore is to lay the foundation for a new and expanded public media that serves all of America.  The 10 producers, along with the incubator stations we choose, are the seeds we’ll plant. This is what we will, together, work to carry forward. 

We anticipate exciting projects that demonstrate technical ingenuity, but have a clear human intention; producers and stations informed by the question, “What meaningful effect can we have on the people living in the community…to serve an unmet need?’

We’re eager to see how the producers who’ve read our guidelines and crafted their proposals have responded to our call to take public media to the “far corners” of the local community where public media doesn’t reach, to bring human purpose and direction to all the remarkable tools at their disposal.

This is a hopeful time for our industry.  Those of us invested in the future have an important role to play in helping guide and shape a new direction. 

I look forward to seeing what emerges.  Stay with us.

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