Living With Media: MQ2 Talent Josh Jackson

Josh JacksonJosh Jackson is host and producer of WBGO’s Living With Music, a show that believes in these things: progress, culture, free exchange, improvisation, the creative process, and jazz. On LWM’s Studio Sessions, you’ll hear the sound of jazz meeting breakbeat, a jazz guitarist as alchemist, and a piano player “projecting the invisible cinema.”

Aaron Parks is the one at the ivories and “Invisible Cinema” is his major-label debut. Josh blogs it like this: “I would say that this is jazz that rocks, but it’s neither of those things. They’re just stories waiting for yours.”

The jazz crosses genres and it projects images, it tells stories. And Josh Jackson mixes his radio show up online with video, photography, text. And he live-blogs and hosts chats while “Live at the Village Vanguard.”

You could say that his is a multimedia show, but he might say it’s all just stories waiting for yours. This is living with media today.