Life on the Web

CyberFrequenciesQueena KimAnother MQ2 2009 project underway:

Queena Kim‘s CyberFrequencies is about life on the Web. It’s about how technology transforms culture. It believes that the viral world is a vital part of the information landscape and that public media should get plugged in.

At the center of the CyberFrequencies website is a news/culture podcast that excerpts audio, video, and blog content published on the Internet. Three podcasts are already up and aired on KPCC’s Off-Ramp. Recently on CyberFrequencies’ The Week in Web:

You’ve been blocked. Listen to a YouTube recording of army officials shouting down the Bangladeshi Prime Minister. The government’s response? Shut down YouTube. A common response by governments under siege.

Sneak behind the Great Firewall with the editor of the China Digital Times Xiao Qiang. But can the Great Firewall last as long as the other great wall?

CyberNews – Another visit to Mexico with Mexico City blogger Daniel Hernandez for some analysis on how the media’s gone hog wild with its swine flu coverage. Including mashups from the Huffington Post and sound from the Young Turk.

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