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Am I getting a good deal?

Wednesday, August 19, 2020
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm EDT

If you're negotiating terms for a new podcast, it helps a lot to know what's fair. But there's no "standard practice" in an emerging industry. Elise Bergerson will walk through tips on terms to ask for when you're in negotiations, and she'll highlight some red flags to watch out for and stopgaps that can help avoid frustrating situations down the road. Whether you're thinking about launching a show, are getting into negotiations with a potential distribution partner, or are hiring contractors for the first time, this workshop will help you make sure you're getting the deal you need to make your best work and will examine the trade-offs that come with any partnership.

Elise Bergerson has advanced experience in the podcast industry advising numerous podcast production and media companies in the realm of business development, operational scaling, and strategic management. She is the former Business Operations Manager for This American Life and Serial Productions where she oversaw the creation of all operational systems for an enterprise spanning 6 companies and producing among the most popular podcasts worldwide. She holds a Bachelors in political science from Barnard College and a Masters in non-profit management and public administration from New York University. She is based in New York.