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Podcast Editor

Posted: May 20, 2024

A project or contract position
Fully remote: working with a UK-based team at Hello Steadman.

Salary range: £15.00 to £150.00 (hourly rate) - subject to experience

We're curating a select list of podcast editors who’ll collaborate with subject matter experts across the UK and Europe. If you make the cut, we'll match you with clients based on budget and project compatibility.

Our clients are field experts (typically solopreneurs) launching high-quality podcasts from home, with formats a little different from the standard “interviews with industry experts”. They need help with regular episode assembly, and come prepared with a refined podcast format, necessary gear, and usually a few episodes ready for editing.

You'll work directly with them, ensuring our clients receive the best service. We don't resell your services, add a markup, or micromanage your work.

We're seeking editors with 1-5 years of experience, focusing only on day-to-day episode delivery (strategic aspects like growth and coaching are already covered). Extra credit for those proficient with tools like Descript, capable of fast audio and video episode turnarounds, including transcripts, show notes, titles, and uploading, all at a predictable price.

You define your price, choose the services you offer, and if shortlisted, we'd be keen to meet you over Zoom. We might ask you to edit a sample episode – if so, we’ll pay you.

We can’t wait to meet you. (Solo editors only please – studios, agencies, and outsourcers will be rejected.)

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