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Associate Producer/Production Manager

Posted: May 8, 2024


Walking Cinema ( is an experiential media studio working with museums, universities, and media outlets to create innovative storytelling experiences that get audiences more involved in the world around them.  Our partners include PRX, The Smithsonian, Audible, MIT, and The National Park Service.   We focus on immersive stories related to urban history, social justice, and the humanities.  We are currently working on several projects:  a 4-part immersive podcast on the history of affordable housing,  an immersive theater show about jazz history, and a podcast about MLK’s unknown mentor.    

We are looking for a special kind of hybrid producer who can manage the day-to-day communication, scheduling, and details of several simultaneous productions and also have a hand in creative decisions and media production.  This is a remote/on site job for Bay Area-based applicants only.  

Responsibilities include:

  • Creating timelines, deadlines, and an easy-to-use tracking system for multiple, simultaneous productions and distributed teams. 
  • Managing client communications including setting up meetings, responding promptly to emails, file management, and talent coordination. 
  • Managing online media storage, making sure that all assets are in correct folders and within the Walking Cinema drive (this can be a challenge with multiple collaborators.)
  • Drafting and editing documents such as grant proposals, website content, and classroom materials.
  • Occasional posting and maintaining Walking Cinema’s social media channels (FB, Insta, and LinkedIn.)
  • Generally being agile and able to fill in where needed in company operations. 
  • On-site research:  Since many of our projects involve locations, producer should be skilled and interested in exploring spaces and neighborhoods, gleaning key story points from the built environment. 


Minimum Requirements:

  • Lives in the Bay area and can commute to San Francisco regularly (on site needs will fluctuate from 0 to 5 days/week.)
  • Bachelor's degree or higher in liberal arts or media production. 
  • 5 years experience working in media production, project management, or production management.   A media production portfolio is preferred.
  • Three references of people who have have managed your work. 
  • Self-Starter works well both in a team setting and autonomously.
  • Tech-savvy and a quick study of emerging platforms for production.


Preferred Skills:

  • People person:  Comfortable reaching out to people you haven’t met yet, creating rapport, and making strong personal connections with collaborators and subjects.
  • Passion for history, social justice, but also good at humor and lighter storytelling touches.  
  • Ability to brainstorm and contribute to the development of story ideas, as well as strong communication skills and comfort with talking to a wide range of collaborators.
  • Audio storytelling expertise as both a listener and a producer.  We are looking for people who can spot a good story and have experience editing and cutting audio for light assembly work on our audio projects.
  • Strong interest in experiential media for museum, theater, and other projects in which audiences become active participants in the stories being told.
  • Funny:  Experience writing/producing humorous, entertaining pieces a plus.
  • Experience audio editing software and story design documents.
  • Experience in music recording and production.
  • Works well with actors. 



This will be a full-time, contracted position at 40 hours/week.  Salary is $72,000/year + stipend for health care.  Work site will be a mix of in person and remote. 



Send well-crafted cover letter and resume with a link to media reel (if available) to:

Michael Epstein, [email protected]

Include “Associate Producer” in the subject line


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