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Podcast Producer

Posted: May 7, 2024

A part time Editor position
Fully remote: working with a USA-based team at Supermix.

Salary range: $40,000 to $55,000 (yearly rate) - subject to experience

If you love podcasts, writing and tech - this role is for you.

Who we are

We’re a few Kiwis shaking up the tech/business podcast world.

Right now, we’re behind some of the most popular business/tech creators around, that have combined audiences in the millions. We take their conversations, and craft them into gems for all to enjoy. You can see some of our customers and content at

It’s taken us our first year to break-in and build the #1 brand in our niche, and that’s opened up a field of opportunity. Now we need another team member to help us sprint through that field and make the most of it.

We’ve started launching our own shows with some of the biggest names in tech, and that’s just the beginning…

What you’ll do

You’ll be responsible for taking podcast episodes all the way from recording to published. This will mostly involve editing and creating content, but will also require some team coordination and client communication. We’ll train you up on using “Descript” to edit the podcasts, so it’s okay if you don’t have experience with that - so long as you have the skills outlined in the “must-have skills” section.

Key tasks:

  1. Produce world-class podcast episodes

    • Make all editorial decisions, create all written assets, manage all scheduling
  2. Produce world-class social clips

    • Identify the highlight moments in a podcast and edit the dialogue to fit well in a social clip, with perfect transcripts/captions
  3. Manage timelines for content

    • Make sure everything happens on time and co-ordinate with other team members as needed
  4. Be a “virtual producer” for clients

    • Keep clients updated, give them feedback, jam on ideas with them, make them feel valued


  • Learn how to craft and scale the “new oil” ( of the modern world: ideas
  • Jump straight to the forefront of business/career content creation
  • Leave your mark on globally renowned content from globally renowned creators
  • Work with content you’d love consuming even if it wasn’t your job
  • Drastically improve your messaging, communication, and writing skills
  • Learn from the podcasts you’re producing
  • Learn from the team you’re on
  • Expand your skillset 10x faster than you would at a big company
  • Receive semi-annual salary reviews
  • Work entirely remotely, and somewhat flexibly
  • Put your best foot forward for future roles in a fast-growing company
  • Forever be employee #2 on a team that made a dent in the podcasting and tech world

Must-have skills

Great writer

  • You write (and read, and think) clearly
  • You can adapt your writing for different contexts and brand tones e.g, informative vs entertaining, shownotes vs tweets

Understanding of business/tech

  • You understand core business concepts/terminology… e.g what a “unicorn” is, what a “VC” is, what “margin” is
  • You’re up-to-date with the business/tech world… e.g you watched play-by-play as the whole OpenAI / Sam Altman saga unfolded

The golden gut

  • You can pick good content from bad
  • You have a good sense of basic psychology, and an ability to tap into that when crafting content

Perfect grammar

  • You’d be confident signing off on the grammar in a caption that millions of people will see
  • You always put apostrophes in the right place
  • You know your way around their vs they’re vs there, its vs it’s, etc

Committed to your craft

  • You want to be the best in the world at making content, so you constantly seek improvement
  • You know feedback is a gift, so you love receiving it, and you gift it to teammates too


  • You follow and develop good processes
  • You think of what might go wrong, and get ahead of making sure it doesn’t happen
  • You always hit deadlines

A+ Communicator

  • You’re comfortable talking to clients via Slack (text), and occasionally, video calls
  • You keep in touch with our remote team: sharing insights, challenging ideas, and keeping vibes high

Nice-to-have skills

It’s ok if you have 0 of these, but they would be a bonus:

  • On top of social trends with a finger on the pulse
  • Audio engineering
  • Avid TikTok/Shorts/Reels user
  • Visual design experience (cover art, thumbnails)
  • General Design sense
  • Familiarity with any of these tools: Descript, Riverside, Premiere Pro, After Effects
  • Social media experience (content creation, growth, copywriting, etc)
  • Video editing or podcast production experience

Hiring process:

  • Tell us about your experience and why you want the job (very briefly)
  • Complete some short tests/questions via Typeform
  • 2x interviews with our team

Note: We’re looking to hire fast, so if we find someone good for the role, we’ll hire them and stop the process.

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