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Posted: April 5, 2024


We are currently interviewing for a Sound Designer/Editor/Creative Partner for our sci-fi podcast, BlueLife, written by Kenneth Heaton, with story and direction by Mark Vashro. We have a small budget available for the role. BlueLife was a Semifinalist at the Austin Film Festival and was selected for a live staged reading during the festival. We have the full eight-episode season one written, and two more seasons outlined.  

The ideal candidate will have experience creating sonic landscapes and immersive audio experiences in the style of great fictional podcasts like Ad Lucem, Wolverine: The Long Night, 1865 and Birds of Empire

BlueLife synopsis:

BlueLife is an ensemble, character driven sci-fi series set in the post-apocalyptic city-state of Los Angeles which is believed to be the last bastion of humanity. In the midst of environmental collapse, two warring factions fight for control of BlueLife, a life-saving drug created by Vita Corp., which will determine the outcome of the human race. Set in the year 2088 shortly after the second ‘Blood War,’ our story deals with the themes of class conflict, power, and control over that power. On a macro level we have Health Department Director Sheldon struggling to keep the MacArthur family (creators and the biggest shareholders in BlueLife) in check. On a more intimate level, there is Melissa Warner, a reporter who is struggling to regain her confidence after she was blacklisted for asking too many questions of the ruling class. The opposition leader, Chase Scott, commands an underground faction of people who have chosen to abstain from BlueLife. His fundamental beliefs put his family and community in danger which is why he is constantly questioned by his loyal but mysterious head of security, Julius aka ‘The Clown.’ These are just a few of the rich and complex characters who comprise the BlueLife cast. Stylistically, the series is inspired by Blade Runner, LA Confidential, The Matrix and the TV series, Firefly.

About the Creators:

Mark Vashro (Story/Director): Mark is an award winning filmmaker and actor.  He is most known for his Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize winning short film, Thunder Road.  He has also won Best Director at the Boise Film Festival for his cross country bicycling documentary, Bike Against the Wind.  After several years of producing feature films in Massachusetts, Louisiana and California he moved into the world of audio drama as the Director for the Bay Area Radio Drama’s Sci Fi series "DARK MATTER: Last Transmissions from Echo Base”.  As an Actor, he continues to perform in theater, some of his most recent roles are Benedick in ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ and Rob in ‘The Book Club Play’.

Kenneth Heaton (Writer): Kenneth recently completed the feature screenplay, The Dead Beat, based on his play, The Ontological Detective, which he also directed in an off-Broadway production. Other New York productions include Departures at Ecole Internationale de New York, and En Vino Veritas at La Mama. In San Francisco, his short play The Polling Place was presented as part of “Demos Kratos Theatro,” by the Utopia Theatre Project, and Abducted was a finalist in ShortLived VII at PianoFight. His play, Mustard Seed, won the Southern Playwrights Competition Award. War and Civility received a Greater Phoenix Critics Circle award and was later presented at the Summer Stages Festival in Tulsa.

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