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Senior Producer

Posted: March 29, 2024

Staffing up for a new factual podcast series for a major network. Previous experience in podcast producing is a must.


- Oversee day-to-day operations, taking episodes from inception through the final mix.

- Manage team that includes associate producer, engineer, researcher and writer.

- Track show calendar and meet weekly deadlines.

- Give notes on prep materials, outline and scripts.

- Work closely with hosts and direct recording sessions remotely.

- Contribute to assembly of episodes for sound designers and provide feedback on sound design and mix.

- Oversee research and fact-checking.

- Oversee notes from the network and ensure that comments have been incorporated into scripts before recording and in the final edit.

- Prepare and approve documents for pickup sessions.


- An experienced storyteller with a track record of creating and delivering high-quality audio shows, especially in the factual genre.

- At least three years’ experience as creative/journalistic lead on audio projects.

- An understanding of narrative structure and scripting, ideally with some experience in the comedy and/or factual spaces.

- Ability to work within a tight timeframe.

- Familiarity with Pro Tools and Descript.

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