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General Manager

Posted: February 26, 2024

The General Manager position is a full-time occupation that oversees all aspects of operations at WDNA, a nonprofit public community radio station in Miami, Florida. The General Manager provides leadership by supervising staff, administering the budget and finances, overseeing public relations, maintaining, and enhancing stakeholder and community partnerships, fostering collaborations with other public radio stations, cultivating and stewarding station donors, and ensuring that legal and regulatory requirements are met.

 In addition, the GM is expected to move WDNA forward in all aspects of new media so that the organization can offer broadcast services to a wide variety of listeners through diverse broadcast media (online streaming, apps, podcasts, social media, website, and related technologies). The General Manager reports to the WDNA Board of Trustees. Qualified candidates must have extensive experience in all aspects of radio broadcasting, including management, programming, underwriting, membership, development, community outreach, grant procurement and technical operations.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Manages and directs all paid and volunteer staff
  • Serves as ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees
  • Responsible for compliance with all FCC and IRS 501c(3) rules and regulations
  • Liaison with station legal counsel


  • Responsible for daily financial transactions and work with station accountant
  • Prepares budget recommendations and manage finances with the Board of Trustees
  • Oversees all grant writing and reporting
  • Reviews and approves annual fundraising plan with Board of Trustees input
  • Oversees fundraising, membership, development, and underwriting programs 
  • Cultivates and maintains relationships with local donors, funding organizations and foundations

Marketing and Public Relations

  • Directs and implements media relations and serves as primary public spokesperson for WDNA
  • Works with staff to develop, review, and implement marketing strategies, organizational identity projects and community outreach and sponsorships
  • Oversees social media communications
  • Reviews, updates, and directs maintenance of WDNA website


  • Responsible for the overall implementation of all equipment and special projects
  • Works with Tech Team to ensure proper upkeep and maintenance of all equipment
  • Reviews all proposals for new media implementation


  • Works with the Program Director to maintain and grow audience
  • Ensures that the station’s format and standards are maintained
  • Advises the Board of Trustees on the performance of WDNA programming




  • Bachelor’s degree and/or relevant experience in a related field
  • Management experience
  • Ability to make and follow budgets and familiarity with basic accounting principles
  • Ability to work both independently and as a team with staff and volunteers
  • Excellent organizational, facilitation and leadership skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills
  • Computer proficient, including experience with Windows, audio editing and related software and networks
  • Flexibility in work hours to accommodate program needs (occasional evenings and weekends)


  • Knowledge of public radio programming, CPB, and other related funding and program services
  • Familiarity with FCC rules and regulations relevant to radio station operations
  • Familiarity with trends in emerging media distribution platforms and technologies
  • Demonstrated success in fundraising in nonprofit setting
  • Demonstrated success in community and professional networking
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