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Podcast Story Editor and Sound Editor

Posted: February 19, 2024

We are expanding and need to find a person with at least 4 years experience who can help my team and I with The Screenagers Podcast--Where we take a deep dive into our screen filled world and ways to help our kids and ourselves thrive in the face of it all . 

Our primary audience are parents of kids and teens. We have a large following. 

We have 25 episodes right now and we are jazzed to find a great person to join our team, and will work with me, Delaney, the host and producer. We are looking for about 10-15 hours a week. Remote is perfectly fine. I, Delaney, live in Seattle.  

Role Summary:  Editing the show, helping to shape scripts of my VO, placing music (we have many music cues) and doing the audio mix (nothing super fancy).

We currently release a new episode every two weeks.  Each episode is in a  “Hidden Brain-lite style” with 1-2 single interviews, and often with kids and teens voices. Because we have made three Screenagers films, we have lots of fascinating material that was not used in the films that we weave into podcast episodes--along with recording new material. It will be fun! 


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