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News Podcast Producer

Posted: February 8, 2024

VPM is planning to hire a Producer for a news/public affairs podcast that explores political/societal issues
impacting Richmond and the surrounding region. The podcast also answers questions about how government
works and features guests who are working to make a difference in their communities.

The producer’s responsibilities are as follows:
 Oversee and implement the production schedule – for episodes that publish every other week
initially, transitioning to weekly in time.
 Supervise podcast staff members with the Director of Podcast Production
 Collaborate with the host on selecting topics, guests & scripting episodes
 Record interviews at VPM and virtually
 Oversee editing of draft episodes in Descript.
 Provide the audio editor with feedback/revisions
 Approve the final episode with VPM’s Director of Podcast Production & Managing Producer,
 Attend meetings with VPM staff in the news, marketing, development, digital promotion
And podcast departments.

This is an independent contractor position. Most of the work can be done remotely. However, the Producer must
live in the Richmond area to record interviews at VPM. Pay is competitive and based on the Association for
Independents in Radio rate guide. Anticipated start time is spring 2024. The initial project timeframe is 34 weeks,
but the expectation is to continue as an always on podcast. VPM believes attracting and retaining diverse staff is
crucial to serving our community and fulfilling our mission to create and serve a more informed public.

To apply – please contact Meg Lindholm, VPM’s Director of Podcast Production at [email protected] Please put
News Podcast Producer in the subject line and include a resume and/or links to your bio/website, work samples
and indicate why you are interested in this job and your professional qualifications for it. Applications will be
accepted until the job is filled.

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