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Posted: February 5, 2024

Wondery is hiring a Writer for a new season of a true crime limited series focused on infamous Hollywood crime stories. This season will focus on a notorious 1980s murder. The writer will work closely and collaboratively with the producers to shape the narrative and voice of the show. We’re looking for an experienced storyteller who can easily inhabit other people’s points of view, navigate drama, and balance the facts of the story with the immersive Wondery style of dramatization. We’re looking for someone with a keen eye for structure and pacing, able to create a logical sequence of events and connect character arcs to the storyline.

Compensation will be no less than $4,700 per episode. We’re looking for someone to start the week of Feb 12th. The project will conclude in mid-June.
This is a project-based position that does not provide health, retirement, or pension benefits.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Write detailed scripts that run approx 35-40-minutes (roughly 6200-7200 words) Implement structural feedback and line edits on at least three drafts of each script Write each episode providing a clear three-act structure Write each episode giving the series has a compelling thematic arc Be available for creative discussions and feedback calls as needed

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: 4 - 7 years of experience writing and editing long-form highly-scripted nonfiction shows 2 - 3 years of experience receiving network notes or Story Editor notes for nonfiction shows and storytelling 2 - 3 years experience writing story arcs through a multiple episode season 2 - 3 years experience adhering to and delivering according to timelines Proficiency in crafting A, B, and C story arcs within a singular narrative episode Proficiency in revealing investigative and criminal elements to create compelling shows Proficiency writing investigative beats for true crime storytelling Proven track record for stellar audio writing and audio story editing The ability to navigate and respond effectively to changing scenes and unexpected story twists Self-starter and excited to be a team player

PREFERRED QUALITIES: Experience editing and/or writing about true crime cases Experience using archival tape and alternative sources to tell a story Experience using storyboards to craft A, B, and C stories.

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