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Music Director

Posted: January 26, 2024



Guides music curation to ensure WFMU’s commitment to diverse programming, education, and community  service.

Implements the music curation strategy for WFMU and maintains relations with individual artists, record labels and music distributors.

Oversees the station’s New Bin, music library, basement music library and digital music library. Oversees acquisition of music-based prizes for annual fundraising marathon, and oversees collection and pricing of record stock for record fair and mini-record fair. Works with music-based DJs to improve the scope of their programming.


Reports to General  Manager. Consults with Record Fair Director, Monty Hall Director and Volunteer Director on special events.


  • Maintains contact with promotional representatives of music recording labels and procures free promotional copies of new releases for station library
  • Responsible for proper disposition of donations from private collectors of vintage recordings, which are to be reviewed and added to library as warranted
  • Oversees a small budget allotted for the acquisition of archival or new recordings  not available through ordinary promotional channels
  • Solicits ticket giveaways for music and performance venues of interest to WFMU listeners and manages the ticket giveaways. Works with on-air staff to streamline process of giving away tickets.
  • Organizes  and maintains record/CD/tape library, including computer database and paper catalog files as required; sees that all new and donated recordings are processed (entered into database, labeled, posted, and shelved accordingly). “Weeds” records of  little interest to free shelf space, and recommends construction of new shelves to  accommodate holdings
  • Maintains a “new release bin” of new recordings; compiles monthly playlist  tracking volume of  airplay of all new recordings; sends this playlist, in turn, to all  record companies  who provided  promotional recordings during the tracking  period in question. Oversees “Old Bin” curation.
  • Handles calls and emails from music promoters and musicians attempting to make contact  with  station, or delegates to trained staff or volunteers
  • Stays informed about any in-studio or remote live music performances which are to be broadcast by program producers;  Assists DJs and Producers with licensing as needed.
  • Procures record and tape premiums from record  companies prior to membership drives; sees that these are entered into a database and scheduled for giveaway  during specific programs, in consultation with program producers
  • Represents the station at conferences and conventions as needed
  • Works with Record Fair Director and Monty Hall Staff to organize live sessions for record fair and events for Monty Hall and outside venues or festivals (three bookings per record fair, two events per year in Monty Hall, one outside venue or festival)


Preferred at least two years of experience as Music or Program Director at a large public or non-commercial radio outlet; must be extremely  knowledgeable about  many types  of music, especially alternative genres; excellent organizational and writing skills, diplomatic email and telephone manner, and ability to supervise staff and  volunteers;  must be familiar with some  form of computer database and entry.


Full-time paid position, with full medical, dental and vision benefit and 403B plan. Competitive salary commensurate with experience.


Deadline for applications is March 1st. Salary range 50-65k, plus excellent benefits. Please e-mail a cover letter describing your goals for the position, a 40 song playlist, resume and references to [email protected] or mail it to WFMU, Music Director Search Committee, PO Box 5101, Hoboken, NJ 07030. WFMU is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women and People of Color encouraged to apply.

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