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Pitch Us: World in Progress

Posted: May 20, 2020
World in Progress is a weekly, half-hour magazine that looks at globalization and development issues around the globe. The show is broadcast on DW (Deutsche Welle), Germany’s international broadcaster that produces television, radio and online content in 30 languages. It provides a European perspective to its global audience and promotes intercultural dialogue. World in Progress goes out to a global audience. Topics include: Globalization issues, interconnected world, clash/changes in cultures, social issues, development, education, human rights, economics, health, ideologies,gender issues, religions, interesting projects, ideas + people that make a difference etc. Stories: We are looking for sound-rich magazine pieces, mainly from Africa, Asia and the Americas for an international audience. We prefer lots of sfx, several intv. partners per piece and good storytelling. Examples for stories: Indigenous group fighting dam in Brazil, Internet project connects slum dwellers in Nairobi with school in Sweden, How does the WHO work - or why doesnt it work? Music in Senegal fuses migration experience with rap. Lighter issues also welcome (food stories, soundscapes, attitudes, films etc.) We also welcome pitches offering additional pic and video content for Social Media when you send your ideas. Pay rate: €253 euros for a report up to 6 minutes, can go up for longer pieces. Additional fee for online article or pic gallery on the same topic, if requested. Pitch: preferably by email Contact: Anke Rasper, Editor/Producer Phone: ++49(0)228 429 4576 Fax: ++49(0)228 429 4400 Mailing address: Anke Rasper, Deutsche Welle, Team Global Wirtschaft, Kurt Schumacher Strasse 3, 53110 Bonn, Germany
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