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Pitch Us: Women’s International News Gathering Service

Posted: May 20, 2020
WINGS (Women’s International News Gathering Service) is a series of current affairs programs by and about women around the world, syndicated to community radio stations in English-speaking countries. We use raw tape from freelancers as well as produced pieces, but produced pieces tend to get preference. We want the content to be mainly the women covered speaking themselves, and for the scripts to be short and factual. We are looking for analysis, new ideas, eloquence and passion all rolled in together. Speeches, actualities from events are good but we also use interviews. We are especially interested in stories featuring non-U.S.women and minority women. Subjects often covered include feminist (broadly construed) and related activism and organizing; women and the law, politics, labour, health, economics, environment, and human rights; lesbian culture; reproductive rights; gender and sexuality; indigenous perspectives; war and peace, and –please! —feminist humour if you have it. We don’t require an exclusive. show: 28:40 to 28:50 – weekly segments: segments: Full program content runs 27’40” Shorter segments considered. compensation: For raw audio used in program, $143.82. For substantially edited program, $203.82. Short pieces: $40-$45. Pay is only for material actually used in WINGS programs. We pay for non-exclusive one-time use of your audio. If your work is re-run you will be paid again. pitch: By email. Programs should be news-related about women’s actions or conveying women’s views on world events — and must be of international interest. WINGS doesn’t use essays, editorials, publicity pieces, or self-help features. We want to hear women speaking for themselves, whether in interview, event actualities, or speeches – well-recorded, intelligent, and with energy and passion. Crowd sound, music from the event, etc. are a plus. contact: Frieda Werden, Series Producer phone: 250-335-1568 (Pitch via email preferred) mailing address: PO Box 4, Denman Island BC V0R 1T0 Canada
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