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Pitch Us: The Splendid Table

Posted: May 19, 2020
[Updated: December 10, 2020]
The Splendid Table, is hosted by Francis Lam, distributed by American Public Media and carried in over 400 public radio markets across the country. Audio is also available online and via podcast. The Splendid Table is a show about food — enjoying it, buying it, cooking it — and about eating out, entertaining, health and travel.

We’re looking for ambitious narrative driven pieces that are professionally produced and mixed. Pieces about food as a window to a culture; about meals as a memorable part of travel; about food makers (artisans and otherwise), the business of food, and new trends; about food and health; about the behind-the-scenes of restaurants or other food businesses; about festivals, family gatherings, holiday celebrations, and amazing parties — and about people with particular passions about food. Pieces with a quirky point-of-view or a sense of humor are encouraged. Pieces about local restaurants or other food businesses should focus on the exceptional people who run them, or have some other editorial focus which makes the story interesting to our national audience.

Show: one hour, weekly
Segments: 4-7 minutes on average
Compensation: $700 for finished pieces
Pitch: e-mail a brief description of your piece along with the edited and mixed audio (wav, mp3, audio link, etc) for our review and consideration. We will do our best to respond quickly with a yes or no, or with a proposed modification of the piece. If we say yes, we will send you an Agreement right away.

Contact: Erika Romero, Associate Producer Email: [email protected]  
Phone: (651) 290-1309  *PREFER EMAIL*
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