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Pitch Us: Radiolab

Posted: May 14, 2020
Since 2002, Radiolab has been devoted to investigating a strange world. Created by Jad Abumrad and hosted by Jad and Robert Krulwich, Radiolab has won Peabody Awards, a National Academies Communication Award “for their investigative use of radio to make science accessible to broad audiences,” and in 2011 Abumrad received the MacArthur Genius grant. The show has an archive of hundreds of episodes and has toured in sold out shows nationwide.

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We want your ideas, your obsessions, the stories you can’t stop telling. Don’t worry about what you think does or doesn’t sound like Radiolab. We’re game for anything. The important thing is to bring us something that YOU can’t stop thinking about. And then make sure that WE won’t be able to stop thinking about it either. Infect us. Give us an itch that only you can scratch.
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